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 Terranova di Pollino, a bit of History... Riduci

Zampognaro del paese di Terranova di Pollino (PZ) Terranova was founded near 1500; originally it was named Terranovella di Noia, belongin to Noia kingdom of Federico Pignatelli, marquis in Cerchiara di Calabria.

Subsequently its name was changed to the actual one. A more certain origin year is 1595, after the King of Naples ordered a census, in which town is quoted for its 25 "fires" (families).

Town lays at the foot of Monte Calvario (m. 1217 slm), it dominates from high Sarmento valley, which is a tributary of Sinni river. From Terranova you can easily reach highlands and tops of Pollino Park mountains.

Little church
"Madonna delle Grazie" is really interesting to visit; it offers a precious XVIII century painting, a piece of Florence school representing Madonna delle Grazie and S. Lorenzo Vinovo; it's interesting to visit also parish church "S. Francesco da Paola", built around 1600, a characteristic of which is the portal of central nave, created using "Pino Loricato" wood (it's good to remember Pollino Natural Park is the one place in the world in which this particular tree specie grows). Inside the parish church we find also various paintings from unknown authors, representing the Virgin, S. Domenico and Santa Caterina. Outside we can still observe ancient ruins of Minori Osservanti of S. Antonio da Padova friars monastery. Other tipical chapels are S. Rocco, Madonna del Carmine and Santuario della Madonna della Pietà ones; this last is plunged in a beautiful green wood, about 3 km far from the town.

Traditions of Terranova

  • Annual slauthering of the pig is performed between December and January, together with a family feast with an offering of fleshes to relatives and friends.
  • Dances, such as Pastorale andTarantella, are largely popular and performed in about all recerrences.
  • Carnival period, with tipical tradition of "frassa". According to this custom, in these days of the year a lot of young people of the town, masked and equipped with characteristic musical instruments (organetto, zampogne and cupa-cupa), go to fellow-citizen houses performing traditional songs and dances; subsequently entertainments with good music, popular songs and traditional dishes are performes, with improvised banquets furnished with sausages, ham, home-made bread and wine produced in Terranova.
  • Still used are musical instruments such as cupa-cupa, organetto, zampogna (picture represents an ancient zampogna player), ciaramella and surdillina; these are all quite ancient instruments, very popular for Terranova citizens.
  • Most important recurrences are religious ones. S. Antonio, celebrated June the 13rd, is an importan appointment both for Saint procession and for greasy pole. A week before, people goes to a near mountain to cut a fir-tree, carried then in town using oxen and tractors. During transportation people performs various traditional dances and songs. During the morning before the celebration, fir-tree is completely scarified, prizes are appended to it, and during the afternoon it is raised and competition begins. Who is able and climb the scarified tree reaches prizes.
  • Madonna del Carmine celebration, during July 15th and 16th;
  • S. Rocco and S. Donato celebration, the 16th of August;
  • Madonna della Pietà celebration; the second sunday of September, Madonna statue is brought back to the town with a procession




Naturalistic resources

Il tramonto del sole sulla Falconara nel Parco del Pollino.

Apart from Serre Crispe, Ciavole and Pollino "Great Door", viewable from the town, we'd like and suggest the following for outing:

  • Timpa of Falconara (in the picture, at the sunset), m. 1400 slm, a steep top dominating valley landscape. It's interesting to note south wall, where great nature forces of the past have impressed their signs: on the rock wall fractures are cut into, witnessing as immense rock masses have departed each one.
  • Timpa of Pietrasasso (1360 slm), an afiolitic rock teeth more than 50 mt (about 150 feet) high.
  • Timpe of the Murge (1440 slm), a set of basaltic rock built from magma extrusions from the sea deeps, subsequentely raised to the sky by deep tettonic movements.
  • Fondo Lake, at the feet of Serra Crispo.
  • Duglia Lake, now a very little one due to continue dry up during the years.
  • Garavina gorge.
  • Bandit cave.

Useful phone numbers:

Comando stazione forestale (forestry policy) of Terranova 0973/93108
Guardia medica (doctor of the town) Via Convento - Terranova 0973/93155
Chemist's shop - Piazza Virgallita 0973/93081
L&B Sport - Sport articles, ski, mountain bike shop 0973/93505

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