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 National Park of the Pollino History Riduci
B&B Bed Fantasy del Pollino a Terranova (PZ) - Veduta di Serra Crispo innevata


National Park of the Pollino
has been founded in 1993,

it extends for 196.000 Ha of unpolluted nature...

National Park of the Pollino  is located in mountain chain of South Italy appennini Calabro-Lucani, between Jonio and Tirreno seas; it comprehends Orsomarso Mountains.

It covers italian Regions Basilicata and Calabria, and provinces Potenza, Matera and Cosenza.

Park districts are 56, 24 in Basilicata and 32 in Calabria.

Highest Park tops are Serra Dolcedorme at m. 2267 (about 6800 feet), Monte Pollino m. 2248 (over 6700 feet), Serra del Prete m. 2181 (over 6500 feet).

Terranova di Pollino is a district in National Park of the Pollino,

About 1800 residents;

It's 154 Km (about 96 miles) far from Potenza, chief town of Basilicata;

It's 926 meters (over 2700 feet) over the sea high.

Useful phone numbers in the Park   
Pollino Park Authority                                  0973/661692
Tourist Agency of Potenza                            0971/507622; 0835/333452 (Matera Agency)
Tourist Agency of Cosenza                           0984/390595
Tourism Local Authority of Potenza              0971/411839

Useful phone numbers in Terranova:

Municipality:                                               0973/93009

Urban Policy:                                               0973/93131

Doctor:                                                       0973/93155

Carabinieri:                                                 0973/93001

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